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At the heart of LoanPeople is: people.
In-house origination, processing,
underwriting, closing & funding.

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Reasons to Choose LoanPeople

“Take care of employees, and they’ll take care of business.”

More Products, More Closings

LoanPeople offers a wide range of loan products, including solutions for complex financial situations.

LoanPeeps Culture

Good Work, Good Fun, Good Peeps. LoanPeeps enjoy: events, contests, SWAG, Peeps Awards, birthday and anniversary programs, and more fun year-round.

LoanPeople Gets Involved

Supporting outstanding nonprofit organizations is important to LoanPeeps.

Are you bold?

You’ve read to the bottom of our Careers page. Maybe you’re a curious competitor. Or maybe you’re looking for a better company.

Your career is too important to tread water.

Here, people become the best at what they do. Set your goals higher and achieve them.

LoanPeople is founded by industry veterans who wanted transparency, efficiency, and community. We have smarter technology, better operations, and every person at this company is dedicated to closing on time and keeping promises. Our marketing is unique and we generate business by creating resources customers and agents want to receive.

Reach out. Take a peek at what we’re doing. You’ll be glad you did.

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